Barefoot in your (Christmas) stocking

TL;DR If you enjoyed reading a free version of my book, why not buy a print version for one of your friends for Christmas?

Apparently, Ian McEwan once said that promoting a book can feel like being an employee of your former self. I know how he feels. The last few months have seen me lecturing students, addressing anarchists and pitching up with a stove and kettle on the main thoroughfare of the Chaos Communications Camp offering free tea to anyone who wanted a conversation, all in the name of spreading the word about Barefoot into Cyberspace. Well, I’m done. Apart from anything else, if I don’t stop sometime, I won’t find the time to write my next book.

I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun. I’m really pleased with the feedback I’ve received, and with the fact that even though self-publishing is still the equivalent of leprosy to the mainstream media, I got positive reviews in two national newspapers. I’m also fairly pleased with the audience the book has reached so far. As of now, roughly 500 Kindle and print copies of the book have been sold. And the free versions of the book about which I have data show access by around 8,500 readers.

But taking a look at those last two sets of figures gives me an idea for one last marketing opportunity. Here goes: if you enjoyed a free copy of Barefoot into Cyberspace, why not consider buying the print version for your friends this Christmas.

Julian Assange as the Mad Hatter

Just one of the superb illustrations in the paid-for version of Barefoot into Cyberspace

A lot of people have said that this book is a fun, accessible introduction to geek issues for non-geeks. One lady even wrote to me thanking me for helping her understand her husband better (I’m not kidding). You probably have some non-geek friends. So why not buy them this book? and are both guaranteeing to ship the book by Christmas if you order now. You can also order the book from your local bookshop.

That is all.

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