All press and speaking enquiries should be directed to becky [DOT] hogge [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or call +44 7967 331184. Please note that, due to my current employment commitments, I am not taking on many speaking gigs at present.

The images below can be downloaded in print-ready resolutions here, or click on the one you want to be taken straight to download options. They are free to use without request, so long as you attribute them to Kathryn Corrick.

Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick. Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick. Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick. Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick. Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick. Becky Hogge. Image courtesy of Kathryn Corrick.

A shorter biography than the one on my About page:

Becky Hogge works at the Open Society Foundations’ Information Program. She started her career as a journalist reporting on the alternative side of new technology and bringing the sometimes arcane world of computers and communications to the attention of a political audience. She has written columns for the New Statesman on and off since 2006, and her writing has been published in the Guardian, Index on Censorship, Prospect and Dazed and Confused. For two years she led digital civil liberties campaigners the Open Rights Group as their Executive Director. Her first book Barefoot into Cyberspace was published in July 2011 (Paul Mason called it “A brilliant cyber-memoir”) and her second, A Guide to the Internet for Human Rights Defenders, was published in December 2014.

12 responses to “Press/Contact

  1. James Hamilton

    becky is my hero

  2. Dear Becky, as you perhaps know, the p2p foundation blog, a top 2% retweeted blog globally, has a book of the week feature, and I’d be interested in featuring your book,

    Let me know if you’re interested via,

    I’m also interested in a full print copy for a formal review later on,

    Michel Bauwens

  3. Loved the book, loving the ‘too much information’ links – last weeks has an illuminating podcast by lawrence lessig which i would like to share – when searching on google I get a title page no access to podcast. How did you get it?

  4. You mentioned getting in touch with me in Liverpool?

  5. Found myself in deepest darkest Sussex and you sprung to mind (did you come from Ditchling.. I can’t remember now). Anyway as I couldn’t find you on Facebook I googled you and I wouldn’t forget that face or cheeky smile. Hello! I think I see why you’re not on fb now… Hope life is good
    Jess x

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  9. “travel guide to the digital work” is, despite its ground-breaking and head-shaking significance, an unsung hero. I hope the civil society will enroll for a class in the book before it is too late

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