The Book!

Barefoot into Cyberspace: Adventures in search of techno-Utopia
by Becky Hogge
illustrated by Christopher Scally
ISBN 978-1-906110-50-5 (print) | 978-1-906110-51-2 (Kindle)

Barefoot into Cyberspace has landed!

And the good news is people are already using the CC-BY-SA licensed html to make derivative works (leave a reply in the comments if you’ve made one too):

Barefoot into Cyberspace is an inside account of radical hacker culture and the forces that shape it, told in the year WikiLeaks took subversive geek politics into the mainstream. Including some of the earliest on-record material with Julian Assange you are likely to read, Barefoot Into Cyberspace is the ultimate guided tour of the hopes and ideals that are increasingly shaping world events.

Beginning at the Chaos Communications Congress of December 2009, where WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg first presented their world-changing plans to a select audience of the planet’s most skilful and motivated hackers, Barefoot Into Cyberspace interweaves an insider’s take on the drama that ensued with a thoughtful mix of personal reflections and conversations with key figures in the community aimed at testing the hopes and dreams of the early internet pioneers against the realities of the web today.

Will the internet make us more free? Or will the flood of information that courses across its networks only serve to enslave us to powerful interests that are emerging online? How will the institutions of the old world – politics, the media, corporations – affect the hackers’ dream for a new world populated not by passive consumers but by active participants? And can we ever live up to their vision of technology’s, and its users’, potential?

11 responses to “The Book!

  1. This looks very cool, thanks!

    Ironically, it’s the first Kindle book I’ve bought that I can’t back up as a mobi file using mobidedrm.

  2. Ahh, now I see there’s an epub version. Happy to have bought & support your work.

  3. This is a fantastic read, thank you so much!

  4. Finished reading it yesterday. Was a good read.

  5. Bought a paper-version at CCC11, and reading it still – very brave & personal, congratulations! It is a very interesting read, since I know many of people described personally…
    I quoted part of it it on my blog:
    Thanks for publishing it & setting it free, too! Love from Amsterdam, Vesna

  6. Thanks, Becky – this book is a great read. You really connected a lot of dots for me, putting current events and personalities in a broader historical context. Recommended reading for anyone concerned about freedom, individual privacy and open government.

  7. Just bought your book from Amazon after hearing g you on a Linux podcast

    Looks good so far but I’m saving it for my holiday

  8. Heard your interview “Bare Foot into Cyberspace” on a podcast in New Zealand; was Mightily Impressed. Presently in London for a couple of days, tried to buy a copy from Folies and Waterstone but not in Stock, Not around long enough to collect on order. Look forward to digesting the pdf and with luck, next time in town I will be more determined to collect a hard copy.
    The Opensource/Your sentiment restores my faith in humanity.

    • Hi Rob

      If you haven’t read the whole pdf on the flight home, you might well be able to order a copyc of the dead tree book from a local bookstore in NZ, since I have a Print on Demand agreement with an Australian printer.

      Happy reading!


  9. Andaikan printer tidak mau buat ngeprint dan di layar monitor menampilkan error 5200, bagaimana cara mengatasinya ?

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