Barefoot into Cyberspace – figures for October

Below are the figures for how many people read/bought Barefoot into Cyberspace in August, September and October. I’m providing them for people who are interested in the nuts and bolts of a book project undertaken outside of the world of mainstream publishing and with a Creative Commons element. I intend to provide these figures on a month-by-month basis.

Aug Sept Oct TOTALS
html 3,619 608 261 4,488
pdf 2,337 719 373 3,429
ePub 520 20 53 593
Kindle 177 39 17 233
Direct 70 24 12 106
POD 54 62 14 130
TOTAL 6,777 1,452 702 8,979

Some explanation:

  • The last two days of July are incorporated in the figures for August
  • html stats are number of views as reported by WordPress
  • pdf stats are number of reads as reported by Scribd
  • ePub stats are kindly provided by Terence Eden
  • Direct stats are the number of print copies I have sold directly at speaking events
  • POD are the number of print-on-demand copies reported by Lightning Source, the print-on-demand partner for the book.
  • Kindle stats are provided by the Kindle direct publishing platform at

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