Spotted! Me at the Anarchist Book Fair with Heather Brooke

Poster for the Anarchist Book FairThis Saturday, I’ll be appearing at the anarchist book fair in Whitechapel, London. Come along to hear me and Heather Brooke, author of The Revolution Will be Digitised in a discussion lead by the NUJ’s Donnacha DeLong on “Reclaiming the Media”. Here’s the blurb:

This year will hopefully be remembered as the year when Rupert Murdoch got his just desserts. 25 years after the Battle of Wapping, the UK’s biggest scandal-rag, the News of the World, became a scandal itself and was shut down. But Murdoch isn’t the only problem in the world of the media, only a handful of corporations own virtually all of it. All run to make huge profits and have been cutting staff and quality for years. Time to reclaim the media and build new economic models.

The meeting starts at 12 noon in the Mason Lecture Theatre at the Queen Mary campus on Mile End Rd. More details here. I’ll be around a little bit before and a little bit after, selling and signing books.

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