Barefoot into Cyberspace: figures for September

Below are the figures for how many people read/bought Barefoot into Cyberspace in August and September. I’m providing them for people who are interested in the nuts and bolts of a book project undertaken outside of the world of mainstream publishing and with a Creative Commons element. I intend to provide these figures on a month-by-month basis.

August September TOTALS
html 3,619 608 4,227
pdf 2,337 719 3,056
ePub 520 20 540
Kindle 177 39 216
Print – direct 70 24 94
Print – POD 54 62 116
TOTAL 6,777 1,452 8,249

Some explanation:

  • The last two days of July are incorporated in the figures for August
  • html stats are number of views as reported by WordPress
  • pdf stats are number of reads as reported by Scribd
  • ePub stats are kindly provided by Terence Eden
  • Print – direct stats are the number of copies I have sold directly at speaking events
  • Print – POD are reported by Lightning Source, the print-on-demand partner for the book.
  • Kindle stats are provided by the Kindle direct publishing platform at

2 responses to “Barefoot into Cyberspace: figures for September

  1. Hi Becky, it was good to meet you yesterday, and thanks for a fascinating talk. I’ve asked my university library to buy a copy of the book, which having seen the above figures makes me feel terribly low tech, but I don’t have an e-reader so paperback it shall have to be! Tom

    • barefoottechie

      Hi Tom – Good to meet you too – and sorry we didn’t get much time to speak. Good luck with the rest of the course at City!