So, after six months introducing my baby daughter Zadie to the world I am now back at the keyboard. My continued work with the Open Society Foundations’ Information Program means you can expect resumption of the weekly links posts, plus intermittent dispatches from the frontier of rights and technology. But this will be the only baby pic:

Cthulu - small


A few more announcements: after five years on the Board of the Open Knowledge Foundation, I’ve decided to step down so I can make some space in my life for new projects. OKF remains one of the most exciting and fast-moving organisations in the open space, and I will be keeping my hand in through my place on their Advisory Council. I’ve also accepted OfCom’s invitation to join their Advisory Committee for England – so far, the view I’m getting from my seat there is… interesting (and I don’t just mean the stunning vista their offices enjoy of the Thames river).

It’s not all been nappies and prams (US readers: diapers and strollers) these past six months – you can expect some new writing, as well as at least one new show for Little Atoms, to be signposted from this blog fairly shortly.

It’s good to be back.

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