Just Do It! now out on Creative Commons release!

Almost a year ago, Just Do It!, a film that follows the adventures of direct action environmental activists in the lead-up to the Copenhagen climate summit, was unleashed on the world. A joyful romp around the ins and outs of our corrupted political system, the film grants its viewers the kind of access to the young (and not-so-young) ideologues battling the man in their bid to save the planet previously only granted to undercover agents working for the Metropolitan Police. It’s a great movie, and last week its makers released it for free download and sharing under a Creative Commons licence. Visit the Just Do It! website for more information on how to access to film.

It’s been my privilege to advise the makers of Just Do It! from time to time, and I’ve been engaged and inspired to see them experiment with approaches to getting the film out and in front of as many audiences as possible since they first let me in on the project in Summer 2010. The film has been made for the most part outside of the traditional process, with crowd-sourced funding playing a big role during post-production. Since last July, the tireless team at JDI HQ have been working with fans of the project to get the film screened in local cinemas and at universities, and taken up by Netflix. A CC release was initially delayed to allow a window to the cinema, TV, and DVD releases, and to agitate for inclusion on the American film festival circuit. Now that the CC release is finally with us, the one last thing I’d like to see the JDI team able to do is document their experience so that other makers of films as educational and culturally relevant as this one can be encouraged to take the plunge and go CC.

The team are still soliciting donations to help cover their costs, and if you weren’t part of the crew that funded the film up front, you should certainly consider making one. If I can’t convince you, here’s veteran of the movement and star of the film, Marina, with a few stern words:

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