Barefoot onto the airwaves

A last-minute roadtrip to hang out with the vanguard at the Chaos Communications Camp in a former Soviet airbase outside of Berlin has seen me check out of polite society for the past week-or-so. Good times were had.

Now I’m back, I’ve been catching up on some of the press for Barefoot Into Cyberspace, and I’d like to draw your attention to two longish interviews that aired last week and that I think are worth some of your time, as well as another one that’s happening this week.

The first is with Jamillah Knight for the BBC Outriders show on Radio 5 Live (which older readers may remember as Pods and Blogs). An impressive lady and a really fun and challenging interview, we cover hippies, consumerism, the politics of hacking and the contradictions of undertaking radical activism in liberal democracies.

The second is with the chaps at Linux Outlaws, and goes on for a full hour. Among other hardcore digital rights issues, we talk about the changing role of ISPs in policing the net, and whether we’ll ever be able to truly reclaim the word hacker.

This Friday, the mike is turned at Little Atoms with me in the hot seat and Neil asking the questions. If you’re within the London orbital, tune in to Resonance 104.4fm at 7pm to hear me squirm, or else subscribe to the feed for the podcast.

Happy listening!

Tux flies high at CCCamp 2011 - photo courtesy of esouillat@Flickr

Tux flies high at CCCamp 2011 - photo courtesy of esouillat@Flickr

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