Interview with Johann Hari for Little Atoms

Last Friday, while I was on my way to New York for a two day meeting at the Open Society Foundations’ US headquarters, my second spot on Little Atoms went out on Resonance. Its an interview with Independent columnist Johann Hari, and we end up talking a lot about the recent UK Uncut protests against our nation’s tax delinquents. You can listen to the show here.

Picture of UK Uncut Protester outside Vodafone

I’ve been delighted to watch this protest movement emerge, and it’s great talking to someone who has been in close proximity to it. I was also thrilled to see Open Rights Group and Open Knowledge Foundation stickers on the back of the laptop of one protester in the photo accompanying this excellent feature on the movement entitled “No drugs. No sex. And no leaders.” by Laurie Penny in last week’s New Statesman.

Image from New Satesman feature on UK Uncut

(Ok, so you can make them out a little better in the print version, which is a double-page spread.)

Johann was a joy to interview, partly because I’ve known him since our first day as undergraduates at Kings College, Cambridge and it was good to catch up on gossip off-mic, but mostly because he talks sense, in complete paragraphs.

Image credits: copwatcher@flickr; Philip Sinden for New Statesman

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