Shift Run Stop NTK reunion FTW

NTK ASCII header reimagined as a jpeg Danny O’Brien sez:

Shift Run Stop is one of the best-edited and hilarious geek podcasts out there. If you really are jonesing for an NTK-like fix in your modern 21st century life, you should subscribe, donate, floss, whatever to it. There will be no regrets.

I myself have been gagging/jonesing/clucking for ever since its demise in 2007 (and for a while before that, too). And so it was with warm ears that I listened to the latest edition of Shift.Run.Stop where NTK’s founders, Danny O’Brien and Dave Green, look back on the UK’s greatest ever webzine and share some behind the scenes moments. As promised, no regrets. Here’s a taster:

Dave (on reading back-issues of NTK): What’s strange is that the late nineties seem much further away, because there aren’t things like mp3s, or digital cameras, or broadband to the home, or Region 2 DVDs. It’s an incomprehensibly primitive world.
Danny: But the funny thing is that when we started it, we kind of assumed that we were in the tail end, that all the interesting stuff had already happened and we were these horrible late-comers who were going to bury the corpse. That it had all failed and it was all going to be very miserable from now on and we should have a Blitz-war spirit kind of laugh about it. And actually, most of the stuff that people associate with the internet changing people’s lives happened after it.

Listen to the whole thing here for more NTK history, complicated jokes about Haskell, and Dave circuit bending a sandwich. I’d never come across Shift.Run.Stop before, but I will be subscribing from now on. Their frontwoman, Leila Johnston, sounds like Holly Walsh. Which I count as a good thing.

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