Back from hols

I’m back from two weeks in Crete. Not much to say, beyond highlighting this advert, seen by my traveling partner on the train to Cambridge, the last strecth of a long journey home.

Advert on a train

For the benefit of those who can’t read the blurry text accompanying this crazed image of a boxer in suit:

With over 2.5 million passengers spending an average of 3.5 hours per week on the train, Traincards are the most effective way of hitting the commuter rail audience.

I don’t think I’m unusally intolerant of advertising. But I have started to notice how intrusive traveling on the tube feels, in terms of the visual assault up the escalators, etc, now I’m just a visitor to London again. And on my flight back I can’t say I enjoyed staring at the text-heavy advertisement for Europcar that had been helpfully draped over every headrest for the benefit of the person sitting behind. After eight plus hours traveling through public space I did feel like I’d gone ten rounds. So thanks, KBH Transport Media et al. Now fuck off.

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