Birthday present

It was my birthday on Saturday. Of all the beautiful, thoughtful gifts I received, I thought this one was definitely worth a blog post:

I love the “hoodie” picture that is used to illustrate this product.

Although I’m pretty confident this was bought for me in jest, it seems that a roaring trade is done in professional-looking CCTV cameras online. This site, for example, boasts:

“For a fraction of the price of real security cameras, you could implement an effective deterrant to criminals and when our replica cameras are used in conjunction with the CCTV Camera Warning Signs listed below, the effectiveness of the whole system is increased for your benefit and peace of mind.”

Very little comprehensive study has been invested in the effectiveness of CCTV cameras real or fake, but it’s understood that CCTV only has a minimal impact on crime and disorder. This 2002 review of the evidence from NACRO [.pdf] gives some idea of where we’re at in terms of understanding if constant surveillance is a price worth paying…

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